That Kalifornian

That Kalifornian.

Anonymous asked: Opinion on Monsanto, gmo's and the whole anti gmo movement?




  1. Very sympathetic to Monsanto because of the ignorant smear-campaign against them regarding a lot that doesn’t involve them
  2. I love me some GMO food, especially rice. It’s all nutrient-fortified.
  3. Anti-GMO people make me laugh (no offense to freeisrael, he’s the only okay one =P).

Against GMO so I grow my own as much as possible. I also take issue with Monsanto being able to take a farmers whole crop just because some of their patented plants being in there by accident or some left over from previous years. Under these rules, farmers have to buy new Monsanto seeds to plant each season, even if they already have usable seeds in their possession.

I mean seriously they go after the farmers for something they already paid for.

I’m very sympathetic to the farmers around here in Ohio and across the US, as we take pride in being locally grown and Monsanto has gone after some of the local farmers. This week I am even planting a few rows of Ohio sweet corn for myself and family. My buddy is raising some chickens with me for Kapara on Yom Kippor as well.

Absolutely no one asked you.

Thank you freeplanetickettobestkorea!


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